Something New is Coming…

Wow! For a month which is normally fairly quiet knitting-wise, June this year has been surprisingly busy! Not only have we had World Wide Knit in Public Day (read more about that here), I’ve also been working away behind the scenes so that my little knitty business can start to grow a bit bigger. FirstContinue reading “Something New is Coming…”

Exciting News!

Well, this is pretty cool – I’m going to be on TV on Monday morning! Back in June, I went to a market as my monster-knitting alter-ego CrawCrafts Beasties… And I got chatting to a man who, it turned out, works on Ireland AM, Ireland’s longest-running daytime TV programme. He said, “We’ll have to getContinue reading “Exciting News!”

Simple Eco-Friendly Knits

… That you can make with very little knitting knowhow! Hello there everyone! Eeeek, it’s been a busy few weeks since I last posted here… I’ve had a couple of markets and workshops on in the meantime, and prepping for those tends to squeeze out everything else! Anyway, if you can cast your mind backContinue reading “Simple Eco-Friendly Knits”

Learn to Knit, Save the World

That title’s a bit of a bold statement, isn’t it? But I’ve been thinking a lot about sustainability this week, because at the weekend I’ll be teaching and selling at an event which is all about reducing, reusing and recycling. I’ve especially been considering how to put a sustainable spin on the knitting workshop I’llContinue reading “Learn to Knit, Save the World”