Something New is Coming…

Wow! For a month which is normally fairly quiet knitting-wise, June this year has been surprisingly busy! Not only have we had World Wide Knit in Public Day (read more about that here), I’ve also been working away behind the scenes so that my little knitty business can start to grow a bit bigger. FirstContinue reading “Something New is Coming…”

April 2022 Colour Drop!

One of the best things about getting this new website up and running has been that I figured I could maybe justify adding a few new colourways to my yarn shop stock. Any excuse, right? You can check out the full range in the Yarns section of my store, but in this post I wantedContinue reading “April 2022 Colour Drop!”

Welcome to my new website!

Wow, this has been a while coming! I’ve been meaning to set myself up online since the yarn shop where I used to teach my weekly knitting classes closed during Covid. All of a sudden, it became that bit harder to connect with new knitters… And, of course, to keep my stash (and those ofContinue reading “Welcome to my new website!”

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